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becomes a Web Comic! All new Ralph Snart comics
material on the Internet

Detroit, MI, October 6, 2003 – Beginning in November, fan-favorite Ralph
Snart Adventures will return as a monthly comic book published on the
Internet. After a 10-year hiatus, Marc Hansen will once again write and
illustrate the life story of a beer-guzzling lunatic.

New monthly installments of the series are accessible online for only
paid subscribers, who can view 12 issues for $9.95 annually. Payment is
easy and secure using Ebay’s Internet payment service called PayPal at
http://www.ralphsnart.com. The only necessary system requirement is a
Macromedia Flash 6x capable web browser.

“Publishing online gives me something that print cannot offer,” said
Hansen. “That’s a one-on-one relationship with Ralph Snart fans.”

“The Web provides a method of delivering serial stories quicker and more
effectively than print,” added Tony C. Caputo, President of NOW Comics,
who publishes trade paperbacks of Ralph Snart comics. “We’re producing
material that will no doubt compliment the other.”

The saga of Ralph Snart will continue right where the last issue left
off which was published back in November, 1993. “The last Ralph Snart
mini-series ended so abruptly, and I didn’t want to start the story all
over again. I thought it would be interesting to pick up the story where
it left off after exactly ten years.”

NOW Comics had purchased the rights to Ralph Snart back in 1992, and
after a couple of short-lived mini-series, Hansen moved on to other
things. When NOW Entertainment Corporation’s ceased operations in 1994,
the rights for Snart went to Tony Caputo and there it stayed in limbo.

“It was kind of a coincidence in the making,” said Hansen. “Tony
[Caputo] was getting back in the business, and I had a desire to maybe
start creating again, with the constant urgings from fans stirring the
mix.” “After ten years, I just fired off an email to Caputo and asked
who owned the rights to Ralph. I didn’t know! I’d given up on comics and
really hadn’t drawn anything since my last issue of Weird Melvin back in

After an exchange of a few emails, Hansen regained the rights to his
creation. “Marc Hansen owns the rights to Ralph Snart Adventures,” said
Caputo. “It’s his creation, his genius. That’s NOW Comics 3.0.”

Two weeks later, the http://www.ralphsnart.com website was launched,
featuring previews of old Snart issues, games and a Ralph Snart Flash
cartoon (in progress). Later in October will see the release of the
432-page Ralph Snart Adventures trade paperback published by NOW Comics
3.0, and in February 2004, a limited-edition signed and numbered
hardcover version, with the first 150 copies including an original Marc
Hansen Ralph Snart sketch! Also shipping in 2004 will be two Weird
Melvin trade paperbacks and another Ralph Snart Adventures giant-sized
trade paperback edition. (see website for more information).

“Things are very busy now, but this is a very exciting time expanding
the Ralph Snart website, and getting back to the old task of creating
comics,” said Hansen. “I’m hoping that all the horde of old fans,
randomly searching the Internet for Ralph Snart will get a kick out of
it, and new fans will discover and enjoy it, too.”

About Marc Hansen

When not drawing funny pictures, Marc Hansen likes to make a living in
the advertising industry as a graphic artist and freelance computer
programmer. While at NOW, he wrote and illustrated RALPH SNART
ADVENTURES and was a writer for MARRIED WITH CHILDREN. Hansen has also
done work for Disney, Marvel, Kitchen Sink and Malibu Graphics. His last
work was the self-published series Weird Melvin.